Who We Are

Specializing in the Manufacturing and Engineering of Air Conditioning and Solar Energy Storage Solutions

TCOOL Limited is a multifaceted enterprise committed to the design and production of residential split air conditioning units, the design and implementation of commercial central air conditioning systems, as well as the manufacturing and project integration of photovoltaic power generation and battery energy storage systems. Situated in China, our corporate headquarters serves as the hub for our operations. With a management team boasting a collective experience of more than a decade in the industry, we have established a long standing reputation for delivering superior products and exceptional engineering services to clients worldwide.

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Our Technical Team

TCOOL Limited possesses a robust technical team with extensive expertise of over a decade in the refrigeration, HVAC, and new energy sectors. Our team has spearheaded pivotal advancements in air conditioning products, large-scale central air conditioning project design, and integrated design for solar power generation and energy storage projects. With our accumulated industry experience, we offer unwavering technical support to drive the company's sustainable development.

Our Manufacturing Facilities In China

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What We Provide

Our cutting-edge, Chinese-engineered air conditioning solutions are now locally crafted. We offer more than just superior products,providing technology transfer and exemplary after-sales service.Investing in local talent, we're your trusted, homegrown cooling expert. Experience innovation, experience comfort - like never before.

Our Business Plan in Africa:

Localized Manufacturing

After Sales Service Network

International Engineering and Construction Team

Technical Training Center

3 Series Product and Systems:

Household Split Air Conditioner

Commercial Central Air Conditioning System 

Solar Energy & Storage Solution

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TCOOL Mission

Focus on customer pain points, continuously provide customers with competitive products and services, and create maximum value for customers.

TCOOL Vision

Not only as an excellent manufacturer of air conditioner and solar energy system, but one of the best and most professional engineering services providers in the African region.

TCOOL Core Values

Customer centric, striving for excellence.

Treating people with sincerity and doing things with dedication.

Long term hard work and persistence in self-criticism.

TCOOL Workshop In Lagos, Nigeria

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Our market region is centered around Nigeria and radiates to other African countries. We will further strengthen cooperation with local partners in Africa, strive to promote the development of our industry in Africa, and cultivate more professional and technical talents for Africa, thereby contributing positively to the economic development of Africa.