Introduction Of Commercial Central Air Conditioner Business Division

Our commercial central air conditioning business division is composed of an excellent team of engineers with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Taking advantage of China's years of rapid economic development, we have successfully completed the design, construction, and equipment maintenance of over 300 large and medium-sized central air conditioning projects in China. We have accumulated rich engineering experience and established a good commercial reputation.

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We have a central air conditioning system design department, central air conditioning engineering department, and an after-sales service center for air conditioning equipment. Our core technical team consists of over 30 people who can independently complete the engineering design and construction of central air conditioning projects ranging from 10 tons to 5000 tons. Over the years, our completed commercial central air conditioning projects include large-scale real estate,luxury villas, commercial buildings, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, star-rated hotels, super shopping malls,cinemas,exhibition halls, and modern industrial plants, etc.

We are a professional commercial central air conditioning engineering technical team and we are expanding our business to overseas regions such as Africa. We will serve every global commercial user with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Our Partners

After years of development, we have established close cooperative relationships with renowned international and domestic central air conditioning equipment manufacturers such as TRANE, York, Carrier, McQuay, DAIKIN, HITACHI, GREE, Haier, MIDEA, TCL, etc. Our technical team is not only able to complete the installation and debugging of these central air conditioning equipment, but also can provide long-term maintenance and repair services.

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Engineering construction

Our central air conditioning engineering department is capable of independently completing the overall installation of the central air conditioning system, including the installation of the air supply system, the installation of chilled water and cooling water systems, the installation and commissioning of central air conditioning equipment, and providing customers with turnkey engineering services.

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After-Sale Service

Our central air conditioning after-sales service department not only provides customers with maintenance and upkeep of central air conditioning equipment, but also provides more value-added services, including energy-saving renovation of central air conditioning, energy storage of central air conditioning, etc., to create greater value for customers.

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Our Customers

Our customers are all over Chinese Mainland, and we have won the unanimous praise of our customers with our high-quality engineering quality and perfect after-sales service.

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