Introduction Of Household Air Conditioner Business Division

Our household split air conditioning business division is composed of a group of excellent engineers and management talents with backgrounds in well-known air conditioning companies in China. The team has over 20 years of industry experience. We possess the core technology and production process of air conditioning, and have multiple intellectual property rights. We are able to provide global customers with technologically advanced and energy-efficient household air conditioning products.

Product Series

TCOOL household products include wall mounted(9K-24K), floor standing (18K-60K), cassette types(18K- 60K) ,  solar air conditioner(9K-24K),and solar refrigerator/freezer.

Household AC Business Division(图1)

Higher R&D standards

We have adopted higher research and development standards since the beginning of product development, thereby giving our products higher quality.

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Cutting-edge R&D power

We have invested a large amount of product research and development efforts, not only bringing in top scientific research talents, but also introducing cutting-edge global research and development equipment to ensure that our products have technological leadership.

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Our Experiences

We have accumulated rich experiences in the research and development of household split air conditioners.

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Automation Production Lines

Our manufacturing facilities in China extensively use industrial robots and automated production lines to ensure the stability of the quality of each product.Household AC Business Division(图5)

International certification

Our products have obtained multiple international certifications and are selling well worldwide.Technical Support(图9)