Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图1)


1.Solar Air Conditioner System

  • A/C Outdoor & Indoor Unit

  • Solar Module

  • Custom Roof Mounting System

  • PV Cable

  • Fuse Protection

  • DC Breaker

  • Lightening Arrester

2.Connection Graph

On-Grid Solar Air Conditioner

Power input by Solar Power


Power input by AC Power

Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图2)

3.Product Introduction

Introducing TCOOL, a true Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner (AC) manufacturer. With TCOOL's Solar Direct Drive Technology (SDDA), the TCOOL Solar Hybrid Unit (SHU) can use Solar DC-generated power, mains AC-generated power, or a combination of both as required, enabling the TCOOL SHU to work and deliver savings without batteries, inverter, nor controller, but only a few PV panels. This can reduce your main power usage by up to 97% in optimal conditions.

The TCOOL system uses a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) controller, frequency driver, multiple sensors, and an algorithmic control circuit to adjust the unit's capacity in real-time based on changing conditions. TCOOL Hybrid Solar air conditioners are more powerful and use less energy than fixed-speed AC.

The SDDA utilizes available solar energy, replacing the equivalent AC power from the mains provider. The TCOOL Hybrid can operate normally without AC-generated power in sufficient solar power conditions.

Products Benefits

  • Help you to reduce the 40%-80% electricity bill

  • SEER up to 36 with solar,22 without solar.

  • Enjoy cooling summer without grid in sunshine day.

  • Lower investment than off-grid&on-grid solar energy system.

  • Increase the value of your home.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

Common Application

Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图3)

4. Model-1.Without Grid Power

Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图4)Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图5)Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图6)

1. Battery Power

During the night or when there is

no solar energy, the A/C unit will

takes the power from the battery to run the device.

2. Battery & Solar Power

When the solar energy is weak, the A/C unit will take the solar power as the priority choice, the power from the battery will be a supplement.

3. 100% Solar Power

When the solar is sufficient, the A/C unit will start and operate by solar energy only. In the same time, the system will charge the battery automatically.

5. Model-2. With Grid Power

Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图7)Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图8)Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图9)Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图10)

1. Grid Power

During the night, the A/C unit take the power from the grid power and running with same principle of regular A/C, the SEER is over 22, it can saving 20-30% energy compare with the regular A/C unit.

2. Grid and Solar Power

When Sunshine is weak, like in the morning or cloudy day, the A/C unit will take the solar as

the priority choice, the insufficient power will take from the grid to make sure 24H working

3. 100% Solar Power

When the solar energy meets the min running requirement of compressor, the A/C unit will start and operate by solar energy only, even the grid off, 100% energy saving. In the same time, the system will charge the battery automatically

4. Grid Off

When the grid off or the customer turns off the grid power, the system will automatically take the battery energy to run the A/C unit, it will ensure you enjoy cooling summer in any situation.

6. Solar Parts Description

The TCOOL Hybrid Solar AC is designed specifically for use with solar energy. All electrical components, such as compressors, fan motors, valves, and solenoids, are powered by DC.

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7.Products Parameters

Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图12)

Solar Inverter Air Conditioner(图13)