Commercial Central Air Conditioning Equipment

Engineering Cases(图1)

Light Commercial Air Conditioning

(Air-Cooled Multi Line Air Conditioning)

Engineering Cases(图2)

Air-Cooled Chiller

Engineering Cases(图3)

Water-Cooled Chiller

Commercial Central Air Conditioning Engineering Projects Reference

We have completed a large number of central air conditioning projects, and only some on-site photos of the projects are shown below. The central air conditioning project includes the installation of air conditioning hosts and terminal equipment, as well as the installation of air supply systems and water circulation systems.

Engineering Cases(图4)

Users Cases

The commercial central air conditioning engineering projects we have completed include large-scale real estate, luxury villas, commercial buildings, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, super malls, cinemas, exhibition halls, modern industrial factories, etc. The following only show some customer cases.

Engineering Cases(图5)