On September 10, 2023, the Carbon Neutrality Energy Summit Forum and the Third China International New Energy Storage Technology and Engineering Application Conference, jointly supported by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, the Carbon Neutrality Energy Research Institute of Southern University of Science and Technology, and the Energy Development Research Institute of Southern Power Grid, were held in Shenzhen. TCOOL was invited to participate in this grand event.

This conference focuses on the sustainable development of new energy storage technologies, and fully explores key, hot, and difficult issues faced by the energy storage industry, such as opportunities and challenges. It shares the popularization and deepening application of diversified technology routes, system integration technologies, engineering applications, commercial operation models, capital markets, supply chain systems, new products, and solutions.

Wang Zeshen, Secretary General of the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, stated in his speech that in the first half of 2023, the new energy storage field was thriving, and the installed scale of new energy storage projects showed explosive growth. The total installed scale of energy storage projects put into operation in the first half of the year has exceeded the total amount of 2022. From January to June 2023, a total of 159 energy storage projects were put into operation, including 154 new energy storage projects and 5 pumped storage projects. The installed capacity of new energy storage projects reached 7.05GW/14.66GWh, far exceeding the installed capacity of energy storage projects in the same period of 2021 and 2022. Among them, 143 electrochemical energy storage projects were put into operation, with an installed capacity of 6.93GW/14.58GWh, accounting for 98.3%.

TCOOL Participated in the Third China International Conference on New Energy Storage Technologies(图1)

China's new energy storage industry has entered a rapid development stage, and TCOOL will actively engage in the energy storage industry in China and even the world. Together with China's excellent photovoltaic power generation and energy storage enterprises, TCOOL will promote advanced Chinese photovoltaic and energy storage technologies to overseas markets such as Africa, and make the greatest effort for the world's new energy industry.